We Understand Bond Claims From All Angles

Surety & Fidelity

The lawyers at PJL Law have significant experience representing sureties in bond claims. PJL Law also represents principals and obligees, including contractors, design professionals, project owners and other members of the construction industry in surety matters.

PJL Law has the knowledge and experience to handle:

  • Performance bond claims
  • Payment bond claims
  • Miller Act bonds
  • State public bonds
  • Private statutory bonds
  • Common law bonds
  • Salvage and indemnity claims

PJL Law’s experience in surety matters includes claims for payment, extra-contractual liability, performance demands, delay claims, and bad faith claims. We also counsel clients regarding surety-related contract issues, including indemnity, subordination, takeover, and completion agreements.

Call our office at 612-568-0132 to talk with one of our attorneys regarding your surety matter. You may also contact us online to provide us with a brief description of your surety issue.

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